How to do HTTP basic auth through a reverse proxy ?

On the back-end apache server, enable a basic auth in your apache server:

<Directory /web/space>
  AuthUserFile /out/of/web/space/htpasswd
  AuthGroupFile /dev/null
  AuthName "Identify"
  AuthType Basic
  <Limit GET POST>
    require valid-user

Then create your /out/of/web/space/htpasswd file:

htpasswd -c /out/of/web/space/htpasswd back-end_login

Then on the reverse proxy, you can force a basic auth HTTP authentication just by adding a specific header (you need mod_headers):

RequestHeader set Authorization "Basic XXXXX"

XXXXX can be calculated this way using a simple shell command:

echo -n "back-end_login:back-end_password" | base64

Then when accessing the proxyfied server the client will not have to authenticate because the reverse proxy will do it itself.


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