How to workaround the DFS samba bug on the DNS323 NAS ?

Firstly, here is a quick bug description: It's impossible to modify any existing files. The "Not a directory" or "No such file or directory" or "touch: setting times of…" errors occurs when trying to modify a file.

If your linux cifs or smbfs client support the nodfs flag (integrated in kernels > 2.6.27). You just have to add this option to the mount command. Example:

mount -t cifs -o credentials=/home/kerphi/.smb-zekra-credentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,nodfs //zekra/Volume_1 /home/kerphi/zekra

If you cannot upgrade your kernel (like me because i'm following the debian releases), you have to follow this workaround:

  • Connect to the DNS323 using the web GUI and goto tools→system.
  • Save the configuration to your workstation (in "CONFIGURATION SETTINGS" section).
  • After saving edit the file and just under this line:
    ;[ global ]

    add the following line:

    msdfs root = no
  • Then upload this file through the web interface, your NAS will reboot and you will be able to modify existing file again !

Many thanks to Skokie and to the Ubuntu community for having found this workaround.


KurtKurt, 2009/03/11 09:17

I am running Ubuntu 8.1, mounting using cifs. While the second method worked (I can now edit files using Ooo and save them to the DNS323 I can no longer access via the web interface. The drives mount in cifs and I can ping the NAS no problem but using a browser I get a page load error. Any ideas why that might be?

Stéphane GullyStéphane Gully, 2009/03/11 09:25

I didn't encounter such similar problem. Maybe you just misspelled the DNS323 ip in your web browser ?

KurtKurt, 2009/03/11 10:55

Thanks for the quick reply and good to know you didn't see it. Very strange. I have two DNS's side by side, one I did the fix on that I use for data serving and the other is all my media which I did not touch. I have both web interfaces bookmarked and the media server has no issues with being reached by the web gui, the data drives page load error but are accessible by nautilus, mount with no problems, etc. just not reachable by firefox or Opera. I can't imagine how this would have affected it unless there is something about changing the global parameters that I did by accident in the config file or nautilus is clubbing it somehow. Irregardless of whether I type in by hand or go by the bookmark I can't get there. Additionally I can no longer FTP to the NAS. I know the address is correct because I am using that address to mount the cifs. Was hoping maybe something simple but guessing now it will be another hunt and peck job to find out what's changed.

Luigi Di NataliLuigi Di Natali, 2009/12/02 21:08

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! After 6 hours I found your post. The mount command works as expected and I'm able to modify files. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Luigi

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