How to download picasaweb album's photos without picasa ?

First, you have to fetch the picasaweb album RSS link (located in the right column). For example:

Then this little command line will download in your current directory all the full size photos of this album:

curl -s "$URL" \
   | xmlstarlet fo \
   | grep "<enclosure" \
   | sed 's/.*url="\(.*JPG\)".*/\1/gi' \
   | sed 's/\(\/[a-z_\.0-9-]*\)$/\/d\1/gi' \
   | wget -nc -i -

Needed packages:

sudo apt-get install curl xmlstarlet


anonymousanonymous, 2013/01/15 23:31

Thank you!! For downloading original (large) images, replace sed regex with 's/.*url="\(.*\)\/\(.*JPG\)".*/\1\/d\/\2/gi'

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